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Out with the old (but on a good note)

This past March was the warmest on record here in Missouri and that made for some nice opportunities to get out and photograph. That said, my enthusiasm for macro photography has been somewhat tempered since my camera body is getting old and showing … Continue reading

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Traffic Jam Treehoppers

Sometimes photo opportunities come at the unlikeliest of times. A few weeks ago while traveling back to Corrientes, Argentina from neighboring Chaco Province, I came upon traffic at a standstill just a few kilometers from the towering Gral. Belgrano bridge that spans … Continue reading

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“Cochinilla australiana” in Argentina

After traveling through the northern provinces during late March and early April, I returned to my home base in western Buenos Aires Province for the last two weeks of my stay in Argentina. As soon as I could, I returned to … Continue reading

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ID Challenge #17

  Welcome to ID Challenge #17. As in recent challenges, points are on tap not only for naming the organism (in this case, order, family, genus and species) but also for explaining the visible structures. Standard challenge rules apply, including moderated comments, … Continue reading

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My response to “Can you talk to 10-year-olds about science?”

The Bug Geek is becoming the champion of challenges! Last week she illustrated in clever graphical form the emotions she had encountered during the manuscript writing process, and this week she tops it with a challenge to see how well we can talk … Continue reading

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Inaugural “One-Shot Wednesday”

On many occasions I have considered making my own contributions to the “Wordless Wednesday” meme. Unfortunately, I find it impossible to post photos of insects and not be allowed to say anything about them. I suppose I could follow Dragonfly … Continue reading

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Fly got eye!

While walking the grounds of my company’s experiment station in Fontezuela, Argentina, I encountered a massive European elm (Ulmus laevis)—its trunk enveloped by an unidentified woody vine with large, ball-clusters of small, green flowers. Despite their inconspicuous appearance, the flowers … Continue reading

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I fear no weevil…

…especially when they are as colorful as these! I found this mating pair ~60 km south of Corrientes, Argentina feeding on flowers of what I presume to be the goldenrod species Solidago chilensis (family Asteraceae). Here, as in North America, goldenrod blooms … Continue reading

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