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Cicindela lengi vs. Cicindela formosa

Back to beetle blogging – I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday break as much as I. One of the tiger beetles that I most hoped to see on my trip to Nebraska and South Dakota last September was Cicindela lengi … Continue reading

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The 12 Years of Christmas

They came from completely different backgrounds.  She had grown up in a middle class family, her father an educated professional, her mother a professional homemaker – “Ward and June”, as their now-grown children jokingly call them.  He grew up on … Continue reading

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You messin’ with me?

This is another one of the tiger beetles I brought back alive from the Sandhills of western Nebraska since I was unable to get any good photographs of this species in the field.  If this photo looks familiar, you may … Continue reading

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Welcome to the “new” Beetles In The Bush

After much consideration, I have decided to move Beetles In The Bush to its new home here at WordPress.  To those of you coming here from the old site, thank you for following the link.  To those of you who … Continue reading

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“Bugged on the Ozark Trail”

The Ozark Trail is a renowned resource for recreational activities. Perhaps less well appreciated are the outstanding opportunities for nature study it also offers. Traversing some of the state’s most pristine areas, numerous plants and animals make their homes in … Continue reading

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Buppies in the bush(veld)

In writing an article for the most recent issue of SCARABS, I found myself reliving some long-dormant memories of my trip to South Africa. It was nine years ago right about this time of year when I made what was … Continue reading

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Cicindela limbata – epilogue

In my Lucky 13 post, I featured Cicindela limbata (sandy tiger beetle) from north of Grand Island, near the easternmost edge of the Nebraska Sandhills. This species is restricted to dry sand blow out and dune habitats away from water, … Continue reading

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