Tuesday Teaser

A recent post by Art Evans at What’s Bugging You reminded me about this photograph that I took some 10 years ago.  This will likely be a difficult challenge, but I’m willing to entertain guesses about its identity and where I found it.  For location, let’s just say I’ve featured quite a few insects from this place in past months – it might take a little digging to figure it out, so first correct answer is worth 4 points.  Knowing this will be key to figuring out its identity.  In that regard, order will be a gimme, so the first person who stumbles upon this will likely earn the measely 2 points available for correctly answering that question.  Family will be more difficult – 4 points if you score first on this one (hint – beware of recent taxonomic changes).  Genus will be a real, though not impossible challenge (in fact, necessary resources to determine this are available online) – a whopping 6 points await the first person to correctly identify that taxon.  Sadly, a definite species name won’t be possible (another clue?), but there is a short list of species that have been described from the general area, so bonus points are available for anyone willing to take on that challenge.  I have no additional pictures of this beast, so look for the answer as a comment to this post in a couple days or so.

Copyright © Ted C. MacRae 2010

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