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A bid for OpenLab

I’m going to do something I’ve not yet done before—ask for your support.  OpenLab is an annual compilation of the year’s best science-blog writing, as determined by a panel of judges, and the closing date for submissions for 2009 is December 1st—this coming … Continue reading

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As one of the few American holidays that hasn’t been completely usurped by religious or commercial interests (the traditional Day-After-Thanksgiving-Shopping-Mêlée notwithstanding), Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and contemplation.  The feast I will enjoy, surrounded by those whose love and … Continue reading

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Oh, and by the way…

…Happy 2nd blogoversary to me!  I just now realized it, so happily you’ll be spared the tedious introspection. Today also marks 150 years since the publication of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species.  Sharing the day with my hero (see … Continue reading

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A “Really” Big-headed Tiger Beetle

In my recent summary of the latest issue of the journal Cicindela, I included a scan of the cover of that issue and its stunning image of the 3rd-instar larva of Megacephala megacephala¹ from Africa.  This otherwordly-looking, four-eyed beast was photographed with jaws agape … Continue reading

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“This is a big horse!”

more about "“This is a big horse!”", posted with vodpod I don’t think I’ve seen a more egregious example of insect-ID-fail than this one! It may, in fact, be a moth 🙂 Copyright © Ted C. MacRae 2009

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Florida Scrub Lizard

Tiger beetles were not the only rare endemic species that I encountered during my visit to the Lake Wales Ridge in central Florida last August.  I didn’t know what this small lizard was as I watched it bolt from the … Continue reading

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Moustached Tiger Beetle

In my previous post, I featured the rare Cicindela highlandensis (Highlands Tiger Beetle), restricted entirely to sand scrubland and pine woodland habitats along the Lake Wales Ridge in central Florida (Choate 2003).  However, that would not be the only Florida endemic tiger beetle … Continue reading

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Highlands Tiger Beetle

When my wife and I made plans to spend a week at her sister’s condominium in Florida this past summer, I began making a list of the tiger beetle species that I wanted to see.  I would be happy to … Continue reading

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