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The “Big 3” of corn in Argentina

While leafcutter ants are one of the more unusual pests that Argentina corn farmers must deal with, the three most important confront farmers throughout the Western Hemisphere: stalk borers, earworms, and armyworms. In the U.S. the primary stalk boring pest of … Continue reading

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Leafcutter ants on corn

North American corn farmers certainly have their share of insect pests to worry about. Between corn borer, earworm, armyworm, and rootworm, there isn’t much of the plant that isn’t vulnerable to attack by at least one of these insects. Argentina … Continue reading

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To the land of Gauchos

Today I leave for an extended stay in Argentina. Many have asked me if my trip is for work or fun, and my standard response has been, “It’s for work, and it will be fun!” For the next eight weeks, … Continue reading

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Chrysobothris viridiceps

Despite their general popularity among beetle collectors, jewel beetles (family Buprestidae) have an admittedly deserved reputation for difficult taxonomy. Part of the reason for this is the existence of several highly speciose genera. In North America, for example, nearly half of its … Continue reading

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Grampus and go-devil

Ever taken a close look at a female dobsonfly’s head? Female dobsonflys don’t get nearly as much attention as the males due to the latter’s ridiculously elongated mandibles. While female mandibles are more modestly proportioned, don’t think they’re ineffectual—females are … Continue reading

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Tiger beetles in southeast Missouri

Volume 43(3) of the journal CICINDELA was published a few weeks ago, and I can truly lay more claim to the issue than anybody else (except perhaps Managing Editor Ron Huber). In addition to having one of my photos (a … Continue reading

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The World’s Largest Tiger Beetle

Some of the first residents of my new insect cabinets (see MacRae Entomology Museum Expansion) are also among the newest specimens in my collection. Not long ago I received a box from world tiger beetle expert David Brzoska, who had carefully chosen … Continue reading

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Of Bots and Warbles

As an undergraduate at Truman State University during the mid-90’s I was part of a small mammal research group led by Dr. Scott Ellis.  My focus was on flying squirrels, but others in the group studied mice.  There were always … Continue reading

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