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Two new species of Agrilus from Mexico

The enormous, cosmopolitan genus Agrilus (family Buprestidae – commonly called jewel beetles or metallic woodboring beetles) contains nearly 4,000 described species (Bellamy 2008). With many more still awaiting description, it is perhaps the largest genus in the entire animal kingdom … Continue reading

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The Five Things Meme

Adrian Thysse has tagged me with The Five Things Meme: 5 things I was doing 10 years ago: Enjoying my second year of fatherhood Revising the North American species of the cerambycid beetle genus Purpuricenus Collecting beetles in Arizona with … Continue reading

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Pardon my introspection

In addition to this blog, I maintain a second, older blog called Bikes, Bugs, and Bones. That snarkier, decidedly less erudite site was my first venture into the world of blogging, initiated some two and a half years ago not … Continue reading

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A new species of Xenorhipus from Baja California

A few months ago I discussed Trichinorhipis knulli of the tribe Xenorhipidini (family Buprestidae). Members of this tribe exhibit highly sexually dimorphic antennae, with the distal segments of the male antennae highly modified into a very extended flabellate or lamellate … Continue reading

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Magnificently Monstrous Muscomorphs

I suppose tiger beetles have gotten more than their fair share of attention here lately, so for this post I thought I’d highlight insects of a completely different group – flies! Admittedly, as a coleopterist, I tend to view flies … Continue reading

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Cicindela scutellaris lecontei x scutellaris unicolor intergrades in southeast Missouri

Cicindela scutellaris (festive tiger beetle) is widely distributed in the U.S., having been recorded from most areas east of the Rocky Mountains except Appalachia, the lower Mississippi River delta, and south Florida. Within this range, the species occupies deep, dry … Continue reading

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