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Antlion lacewings. Largest family of Neuroptera, best represented in arid areas. All larvae predaceous on other insects, either waiting on ground or concealed below pits in sandy soil.

Orchid Valley Natural Area

This month’s destination for the WGNSS Natural History Photography Group was Orchid Valley Natural Area in Hawn State Park. This natural area is south of the main park and not normally open to the public, but we were granted permission … Continue reading

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Do the Doodlebug Flip

I’ve been on a doodlebug kick ever since I finally figured out how to find the little buggers on my trip down to southeast Missouri.  I even found one in one of the tiger beetle terraria that I setup with native … Continue reading

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Now you see me…

…now you don’t! In a previous post, I lamented the fact that I had never actually seen a live antlion larva, or doodlebug (family Myrmeleontidae). Lovers of sand, I’ve seen their famous pitfall traps many times, especially in recent years as I’ve … Continue reading

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Lions in South Africa

Joerie, Joerie, botter en brood, as ek jou kry, slaat ek jou dood. Doodlebugs, joerie, shunties, toritos—these are but a few of the many colloquial names given to amusing little creatures that many people know simply as antlions (or translation … Continue reading

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A sand prairie autumn

Ask any astronomer when autumn begins, and they will likely tell you it begins at the autumnal equinox – when shortening days and lengthening nights become equal as the sun crosses over the celestial equator. According to them, fall began … Continue reading

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