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Where’s Ted now?

…in the Loess Hills of northwest Missouri, looking for additional sites for Cylindera celeripes (swift tiger beetle). Recall that we (Chris Brown and I) finally found this rarely collected species last year in Missouri (after many years of looking) in high … Continue reading

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Friday Flower – Dwarf Spiderwort

Living at the foothills of the Ozark Highlands, I sometimes forget how unique the biota of this ancient landscape truly is. More than 200 species of plants and animals are largely restricted to the region, with around 160 of these … Continue reading

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An irresistible sight!

One of the few highlights of my Memorial Day weekend collecting trip came in the earliest moments of my visit to Ha Ha Tonka State Park.  My destination was Ha Ha Tonka Savanna Natural Area, and a short walk through fire-restored woodland … Continue reading

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When is a locust borer not a locust borer?

…when it is a hickory borer! The hickory borer, Megacyllene caryae, is perhaps the most frequently misidentified beetle in eastern North America due to its almost perfect resemblance to the closely related locust borer, M. robiniae.  Unlike the latter species, … Continue reading

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Are we loving our prairies/glades/woodlands to death?

I had such high hopes for last weekend’s collecting trip – late May is boom time for insects across Missouri, we have had good moisture this spring, and I would be visiting some high-quality natural communities that I had not … Continue reading

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Critters, and berries, and trees! (Oh, my!)

Several of my favorite blog carnivals have posted new issues this week – should make for some good reading over the weekend. If you’ve not yet had the chance to explore these carnivals, they are a nice way to find … Continue reading

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“Trying” to photograph whirligig beetles

Nobody figured out exactly what I was doing in the photograph shown in the previous post (does anybody now see the whirligig beetles in the lower left corner of the photo?), but I sure enjoyed the guesses.  Several people alluded to dropping … Continue reading

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