Welcome new insect/invertebrate enthusiasts

Some of you may have noticed my greatly expanded (and categorized) sidebar links listings.  I’d like to welcome the following insect & invertebrate-focused sites, all of which offer unique perspectives on the fascinatingly diverse world of spineless creatures.  Rather than write my own descriptions, I’ve decided to let the authors say it in their own words by using the descriptions they submitted to Nature Blog Network.  I hope my readers will take the opportunity to visit each of these sites and explore their offerings.  I also hope my new blogroll members will take the opportunity to visit the sites that have long been listed here, not just those under “Insects & Invertebrates” but in other categories as well.  Their listings may have never been formally acknowledged, but they are well-deserved nonetheless.

A Bug’s Eye View. The seen and unseen beauty of the Earth at our feet.

Amphidrome. An aspiring researcher’s musings on freshwater ecology, biogeography, invasion biology, and phylogenetics — plus monstrous waterfall-climbing shrimp.

Backyard Arthropod Project. Documenting just the arthropods I can find on our property (a 9-acre parcel in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, with a somewhat drafty old farm house). This restriction does not limit the number of subjects nearly as much as one might think.

Butterflies of Singapore. Photo blog on nature and entophiles macro entophiles photography. Borneo in pictures. Photo of interesting places and landmark in Sabah and Sarawak. Photo of exotic and rare Borneo wildlife and plants.

Larval Images. Images (and often discussion & latest science) of larval forms. No politics and no direct developers here.

Moth Mania. This blog is solely about moth sightings in Singapore.

Nature’s Place. The place of nature in the spiritual life, using essay and photographs to illustrate, inform, engage and entertain.

Urban Dragon Hunters. The search to document dragonflies, damselflies, and other insects in urban areas and around the world.

RWS Photo Blog. Celebrating Nature’s Flying Jewels – Butterflies. Useful information on butterfly photography, early stages, conservation and biodiversity in Singapore and the region.

The observant among you will also note the new “Evolution & Systematics” category, where long time stalwarts Catalogue of Organisms and Evolving Complexity are joined by new blogroll members Afarensis, Greg Laden’s Blog, John Hawks Weblog and Pharyngula (to indulge my armchair systematic, evolutionary and paleoanthropological  interests), and Voyages Around My Camera joins my list of esteemed nature/insect photographers as well.

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