22 thoughts on “Oh, and by the way…

  1. Sir Ted
    Once again I’m expressing envy of your writings, wanderings, exploits and the added citations. Although the debate continues regarding Evolution vs. a Higher Power; we can get educated and truly believe what we want in this country without oppression! I truly appreciate Darwin, your science, blogs and creative writing abilities! Greetings from Pullman, Wa. and do have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!
    Rod Rood

    • Hi Rod. Thank you so much for the nice comments. Despite being an ardent evolutionist, I don’t proselytize on the evolution/creation issue too much. I figure it’s a waste of time – anybody who reads my blog already gets it, and if they don’t then they’re already ignoring far more convincing evidence than what I can articulate. Anyway, thanks for your interest and interactions!

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