8 thoughts on ““This is a big horse!”

  1. I did like the utter confidence with which he pointed out the bushy tail, teeth and hooves, and then, without any sound of crunching gears, moved onto the details of the antennae.

    Rorschach taxonomy, that’s what it is.

  2. I could whilst away the hours
    cavorting with the flowers!
    If I only had a brain!

    Every year people go hunting and shoot cows,horses, people and other critters all the while remarking “Look at this deer I shot!”

    How did our specie get so far anyway?

  3. That is the most hilarious–and disturbing–commercial I’ve ever seen. FAIL! You got that right. But it certainly made for a shocked-expression-turned-delightful-laugh on an otherwise boring Sunday afternoon…


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