Super Crop Challenge #2

Super Crop Challenge #1 appeared not to be too difficult – let’s see if this one is any harder. This is a straight up ID challenge, more points for greater specificity. To narrow things down a bit, the photograph from which this portion was cropped was taken during October in southern Missouri.

Copyright © Ted C. MacRae 2010

8 thoughts on “Super Crop Challenge #2

  1. I feel like a student sitting a multiple-choice exam at the end of a semester spent partying. Would Ted really choose a spider for two tests in a row (or did I sleep through the last test?)?

    The skin looks slimy and since there should not be any wild poison dart frogs in southern MIssouri, I was going to guess Ambystoma tigrinum, but the pattern doesn’t look right. How about Eurycea lucifuga? I’m pretty sure the cave salamander occurs in that general neck of the woods.

    • I got to think about the appearance of segmentation that had me going towards lep larva and realized it wasn’t distinct enough. That took me back to square one and something in the Orb Weavers.

      Troy is right, Araenus marmoreus for sure.

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