The Pan-Pacific Entomologist

It’s official – I am the new Managing Editor of The Pan-Pacific Entomologist (PPE).  Managing editor of a widely known entomology journal is a role that I have long thought I would like to do, and hopefully my five years as the journal’s Coleoptera Subject Editor have prepared me well for assuming this role and its attendant challenges. 

I can’t think of a better journal to start with.  Published by the Pacific Coast Entomological Society, PPE was formally adopted as its official journal at the Society’s 95th meeting on September 13, 1924.  Browsing through the minutes of those early meetings reads like a “Who’s Who?” of some of the early 20th century’s most recognized entomologists: E. C. Van Dyke, E. P. Van Duzee, V. M. Tanner, E. O. Essig, E. G. Linsley, R. Blackwelder, R. Usinger, and F. E. Blaisdell, Sr., just to name a few.  I am honored and excited to carry on a tradition begun so many years ago by such well-known pioneers of North American entomology.

I now face two orders of business.  First, we are looking for somebody to take on the now vacant role of Coleoptera Subject Editor.  If you have expertise in the Coleoptera and an interest in serving as Subject Editor for manuscripts dealing with this order, please contact me.  Second, please consider submitting your manuscript to The Pan-Pacific Entomologist for publication.   Manuscripts dealing with any aspect of the biosystematics of insects and their relatives  are desired.  Further details are given below from the Society website:

The Pan-Pacific Entomologist (ISSN 0031-0603) is published quarterly (January, April, July and October) by the Pacific Coast Entomological Society, in cooperation with the California Academy of Sciences. The journal serves as a refereed publication outlet and accepts manuscripts on all aspects of the biosystematics of insects and closely related arthropods, especially articles dealing with their taxonomy, biology, behavior, ecology, life history, biogeography and distribution. Membership in the Pacific Coast Entomological Society includes subscription to The Pan-Pacific Entomologist, and Society Proceedings typically appear in the October issue of each volume. The Contents of Recent Volumes are posted here on the Pacific Coast Entomological Society’s website, as is the journal’s Information for Contributors (PDF).

Copyright © Ted C. MacRae 2011

20 thoughts on “The Pan-Pacific Entomologist

  1. Um, congratulations?! Seems like this could be PPE’s gain and our loss (of your blogging time). I can help by reviewing ant ms.’s…

  2. I’ll add my congratulations. I’ve been editing a journal for about a year now and it has been an interesting experience. Other than dealing with authors that ignore referee comments (and outraged referees), I found rejecting papers the most difficult part of the job. One does get used to it, though.

    • Thank you, Dave. I’ve dealt with this a little bit as subject editor, although surprisingly I’ve gotten more trouble from authors I know than those I don’t. I had to outright reject a paper for the first time not long ago, and while unpleasant, it does close the door in a way that recommending major revision does not. My skin has thickened somewhat, and I look forward to shifting my dealings primarily to subject editors and authors who are either just submitting manuscripts or already had them accepted.


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