‘Beetles in the Bush’ T-Shirts now available!

I’ve mentioned before my preference for simple cotton t-shirts over fancy pocketed nylon shirts while I’m out in the field (see Beetle Collecting 101: Dress for Success). Lightweight and comfortable under even the most extreme conditions, they do the job cheaply and effectively. While most any t-shirt will do, I am especially fond of the set I purchased from CafePress, each artfully emblazoned with a stylized image of Cicindela ancosisconensis by Kirk Betts at The Wild Edge. In addition to their lightweight comfort, these shirts leave curious onlookers with little doubt about what I am up to (and of course, I also clearly be stylin’!).

Of course, variety is the spice of life, and I’m happy to now announce a new design created specifically for ‘Beetles in the Bush’. My deepest appreciation to Kirk, who has once again worked his PhotoShop filters magic to create a stylized image of this blog’s icon, the jewel beetle Agelia petalii (see Buppies in the bush(veld) for the original photo of this species that I took in South Africa back in 1999). Men’s, women’s and children’s t-shirts and other apparel bearing this design are now available at the new Beetles in the Bush CafePress online store. Two versions of each item are offered—one with the image and ‘Beetles in the Bush’ logo, and another with the image only, as shown below:

Image w/ logo

Image only

A variety of t-shirt and sweatshirt styles are available, as are coffee mugs for those who (like me) prefer to start their collecting day with a jolt of java! I hope you’ll browse the product selection and find something that you like.

Show your support for ‘Beetles in the Bush’! I don’t expect to get rich off of this, but whatever proceeds from sales that I do get will go a long way towards helping fund future insect collecting and photography expeditions. If you have any feedback on the design/organization of the online store, the products offered, or future designs that you would like to see made available please let me know, either by comment or by contacting me directly.

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