To the land of Gauchos

Today I leave for an extended stay in Argentina. Many have asked me if my trip is for work or fun, and my standard response has been, “It’s for work, and it will be fun!” For the next eight weeks, I’ll be helping out with field trials and speaking to farmers (while sampling a few Malbecs as well). Of course I would rather it be an 8-week collecting trip, but I consider myself fortunate even to have an opportunity such as this. I’ll pick up a few insects along the way, but what I really hope to bring back in large quantity is photographs.

It’s a little difficult to predict how reliable and consistent I’ll have internet access or the time to take advantage of it, so postings over the next few weeks may be a little less regular than what has become my usual custom. The trip is also heavily front-loaded with work activities as I get my bearings and spend time getting to know my new colleagues, so I’m not sure when I might have new photos to show here. Not to worry, I have plenty of material that I haven’t yet shown. Until then, I leave you with this photograph I took last November at  in Buenos Aires. These tiny bugs seem to be early-instar leaf-footed bug (family Coreidae) nymphs, their bright red and black coloration and aggregating behavior indicating ample chemical protection against predation.

Early-instar coreid nymphs | Buenos Aires, Argentina

Copyright © Ted C. MacRae 2012

10 thoughts on “To the land of Gauchos

  1. Beauties! These critters, though in no way related, bear a wee passing resemblance to the hoards of flashy box elder bugs that turn my yew hedge in Columbia, MO into a massive, writhing singles’ bar every august. They’re a bit disconcerting to unsuspecting visitors, but they’re real lookers, too. I rather look forward to seeing them every year. Their appearance always means it’s time to get ready for the new school year.

  2. Thanks all – the trip here was tough (always is), especially going straight to the field the day of arrival. But I’m feeling good now and hope to get lots of good photographs over the next several weeks.


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