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Of Bots and Warbles

As an undergraduate at Truman State University during the mid-90’s I was part of a small mammal research group led by Dr. Scott Ellis.  My focus was on flying squirrels, but others in the group studied mice.  There were always … Continue reading

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MacRae Entomology Museum Expansion

Every five years or so I find myself facing the same dilemma—too many bugs and not enough space to keep them. Each time this occurs, I go through the same thought process trying to decide the best way to solve … Continue reading

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My favorite Super Bowl Commercial

In addition to choosing sides in the game itself, my wife and friends and I always enjoy picking our favorite commercials. My favorite this year came after the game was over but is an obvious choice: “Bugs on Grill” for … Continue reading

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Pollen Bath

One of the smallest insects I saw during my latest visit to La Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur (Buenos Aires, Argentina) was this tiny leaf beetle (family Chrysomelidae) feeding in the flower of a malvaceous plant that I take to be Abutilon pauciflorum. At only ~4 mm in … Continue reading

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