Battle of the Bug Blogs

Something tells me that one of our bug blogging professors has charged this semester’s crop of students to go out and figure out what makes a good bug blog. My, how classwork assignments have changed since I was in grad school! Sort of a modern-day twist on the old ‘critic a journal paper’ assignment.

At any rate, apterobittacus seems to think I write a pretty good post, but eremoblatta thinks Crystal does it a little bit better (despite the taxonomic affinity between the subject of my critiqued post and the blog author’s pseudonym)! Nice job, kids—interesting reads that actually made me stop and think a little bit about how I present things here.

Copyright © Ted C. MacRae 2013

3 thoughts on “Battle of the Bug Blogs

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  2. I got a few notices about people in that class writing about my blog too and I found it interesting that one said that I often write very short posts. I’m wondering what sort of blog posts they usually read when most of my posts are between 1000 and 1200 words! Also makes me wonder if all they read were my Wednesday posts…

    Glad to be in your excellent company on a few of these!

    • I see it was Kip Will’s class who had the assignment.

      It looks like Bug Girl was the overall winnner – no surprise.

      They actually brought to my attention a few bug blogs I wasn’t aware of.

      A very interesting and creative class assignment – clearly an advantage to having a professor fully versed in the social media aspects of entomology!


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