ID Challenge #23

This is a straight up identification challenge. Can you identify the order (duh!), family, genus, and species? Total body length of the subject is ~20 mm. Answers revealed in a couple of days or so, with comments moderated until that time to allow all who wish a chance to participate.


© Ted C. MacRae 2014

11 thoughts on “ID Challenge #23

  1. Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Parandra glabra. Just a guess. I have that species from Tobago and seem to recall it is widespread in SA. Maybe you took the shot in Argentina. If not, is it Parandra polita from your plains trip? Looks like Parandra but not brunnea. Or Neoparandra. Whatever they call what I learned as Parandra.

  2. I’m really not familiar with the North American fauna, but something tells me this guy is a cerambycid from the subfamily Parandrinae. Further ID will be only guess only: Parandra polita?

  3. I’m a herpetologist who loves the blog. I have no chance of winning, but I’m regular enough here by now to venture Coleoptera (duh): Lucanidae. I’d guess (after cheating and googling a little the genus Lucanus but I suspect you true coleopterists will laugh me out of town for that. Herpetologist! Herpetologist!

    Thanks for a great blog!

  4. Looks to be:

    Order: Coleoptera
    Family: Cerambycidae
    Genus: Parandra
    Species: Parandra polita
    (Italics intended, having trouble with smart phone)

    That’s my best guess and very cool! I look forward to the day of finding Neandra marginicollis over here in Utah 🙂

  5. Thanks all for playing. The species is, indeed, Parandra polita in the beetle family Cerambycidae. I figured at least a few people would be fooled by its lucanid-like appearance, so my congratulations to the five who correctly identified the species. Stephen gets the win since he was first (although Harry, Jon, and Ben were the only ones to actually name all the taxa requested – I’m feeling lenient today).


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