I Fear No Weevil

Finally, after nearly 40 years, I’ve gotten my weevil collection organized and inventoried—nearly 1,000 specimens representing 160 species from the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and South Africa. My sincere thanks to Bob Anderson, weevil specialist at the Canadian National Collection, for looking at my specimens and providing identifications.

Drawer 1 – Anthribidae through Cossoninae.
Drawer 2 – Cossoninae through Molytinae.
Drawer 3 – Molytinae through Platypodinae.

©️ Ted C. MacRae 2022

One thought on “I Fear No Weevil

  1. Please say “Hi!” to Bob Anderson for me!
    We go way back, brought together by the inestimable & inimitable George Ball.
    On my advice, Bob & a buddy went to Aravaipa Canyon here in southeast AZ — got stuck big time!
    Bob & I also collected together a few times.
    What a cool friend & a fine collector & biologist.
    I think he is still trying to figger out a few of my weevils.
    Let’s all wish him success in all he does.


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