Sunday Matinée: Buzzed Creep Cockroaches

Credit goes to dreptungeek from Romania for finding this.

In other news, the New Year has brought with it a plethora of natural history-focused blog carnivals, including several of my favorites:

  • Circus of the Spineless #46 is up at Kate’s Adventures of a Free Range Urban Primate.  A fine selection of invertebrate posts is featured, including tool-using octopi, deep-sea pelagics, tiny isopods, lotsa bugs (real and colloquial), and, of course, one really impressive fly!  I’ll be hosting the next issue right here at BitB—send me an email with a link to your submission by January 30 if you’d like to participate.
  • Jason Hogle at xenogere has followed up his first blog carnival hosting effort (I and the Bird #115) with the equally impressive Festival of the Trees #43: The Celebration Tree Grove.  Jason deftly weaves the submitted posts into a celebration of trees as providers of sustenance, beacons of spirituality, and victims of our own shortsightedness.  I, sadly, had nothing to contribute to this issue, but I guarantee you will be mesmerized by its meandering passages.
  • The natural history feast continues with Carnival of Evolution #19 at Christie Lynn’s Observations of a Nerd.  Evolutionary tales run the gamut, from tiny orchids to giant caterpillars to really big-headed tiger beetles.  Go take a look.
  • Jeremy at Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog has been on holiday break, but he should be back any day with the 23rd issue of Berry Go Round.  I know for a fact that a stunning terrestrial native orchid will be featured, and I look forward to seeing what other botanical treasures he will have included in this issue.

A final note—don’t forget to check back here on or about January 18 for House of Herps #2 (yes, I’m hosting two blog carnivals this month!).  Send your submissions to House of Herps or directly to me by January 15 if you wish to get in on this new carnival.

Copyright © Ted C. MacRae 2010

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Newest Blog Carnival: House of Herps

Invertebrates?  Check.
Moths?  Check.
Plants?  Check.
Trees?  Check.
Birds?  Check.
Marine life?  Check.
Reptiles and amphibians?… Um… Er…

Despite their popularity, charisma, and status as icons for global conservation, reptiles and amphibians have not enjoyed the same attention by blog carnivals that insects, birds, plants, and even ideas (e.g., evolution) have received.  House of Herps is about to change all that.  The brainchild of Amber Coakley and Jason Hogle, this newest of blog carnivals will fill the void in celebration of all things herpetological.  The inaugural issue is scheduled for the middle of this month, so here’s your chance to be a founding contributor:

So if you love herps—if you photograph them, write about them, sketch or paint artwork based on them, study them, or just happen to see one that you mention on your blog—we want to hear from you for House of Herps #1 coming in mid-December. We also want to hear from you if you’re interested in hosting the carnival.  Please visit the House of Herps site for contact information or send your submission links to us at submissions [at]

Submissions for the first issue are due by December 15, but if you miss the deadline don’t despair—I’ll be hosting HoH #2 in January 2010.

Hmm, this gives me an idea.  Moths have their own carnival, why not beetles?  After all, they are far and away the most diverse ordinal taxon on earth (22% of all described life forms are beetles).  What do you think?  Coleo-Carnival?  In Celebration of Elytra?  An Inordinate Fondness?  Beetle Bacchanal?

Copyright © Ted C. MacRae

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