CotS #45

Circus of the Spineless #45 is up.

Go to Greg Laden’s Blog and read about scale insects, exotic pests, spiders, more spiders, more more spiders, millipedes, more more more spiders, the world’s most astoundingly beautiful lacewing (one of the Iberian spoonwings), cricket neurons, mosquito sensillae, “not real” katydids, cave crickets, gross flies, ants that love corn chips, moths that love their vegetables, extinct insects, Jamaican leps, a spider wannabe, jingle shells (breaking this issue’s arthropod stranglehold), pet worms, missing mussels…

…and (my favorite)… one seriously fearsome looking baby beetle!  Take a look and leave a comment! 

For the botanically inclined, Berry Go Round #22 is up at Seeds Aside.  I had a whale of a time hosting this carnival last month, so let’s show it a little love.

Copyright © Ted C. MacRae 2009

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