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Newest Blog Carnival: House of Herps

Invertebrates?  Check. Moths?  Check. Plants?  Check. Trees?  Check. Birds?  Check. Marine life?  Check. Reptiles and amphibians?… Um… Er… Despite their popularity, charisma, and status as icons for global conservation, reptiles and amphibians have not enjoyed the same attention by blog … Continue reading

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Great Plains Ladies’-tresses

First things first—everyone who participated in the quiz in the previous post correctly identified the orchid flower in the photo as belonging to the genus Spiranthes, and a few were on the right track with their species suggestion of S. … Continue reading

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Friday Flower: Yes, it’s an orchid…

…but what kind? Identifying the genus should be relatively easy, but I suspect a species identification will be more of a challenge.  I’ll provide a little information and even a couple of literature sources that might be useful for achieving a … Continue reading

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CotS #45

Circus of the Spineless #45 is up. Go to Greg Laden’s Blog and read about scale insects, exotic pests, spiders, more spiders, more more spiders, millipedes, more more more spiders, the world’s most astoundingly beautiful lacewing (one of the Iberian spoonwings), … Continue reading

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Cicadetta kansa in Oklahoma

Another of the insects that I saw this past June at Four Canyon Preserve in northwestern Oklahoma was this small cicada, Cicadetta kansa. Though not as small as the diminutive Beameria venosa (see North America’s smallest cicada), their barely audible … Continue reading

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