24 thoughts on “Do you know what I’m doing?

  1. Offering up a sacrifice to the Mosquito Gods in the hopes they will smile upon your future photographic endeavors?

    It’s hard to tell which way the camera is pointing–could it be shooting upward at something clinging to that branch?

  2. In an effort to photograph the shy and elusive Platypsyllus castoris (the ectoparasitic beetle of beavers), you put your shoulder to the supporting log of the beaver lodge and with one giant push gained access to the inside of nature’s wooden igloo! Of course you found your subject, who willingly posed for you after seeing the lengths you went through to get a good shot if it, and then with a smile and a quick thank you, you replaced the log and moved onto the next ridiculously-difficult-to-find beetle! Can’t wait to see the shots! 🙂

  3. You’ve forgotten the lesson taught in Beetle Collecting 101: Dress for Success and worn denim jeans into the field. This is obviously the spraddle legged stance of an entomologist who is chafing.

    • Hee hee – actually this photo was taken in early April, before the “annual birthday season opening bug collecting trip”, so denim is okay (kinda like wearing white before Easter, or is it after?). We were lucky to get temps in the 70s that day.

  4. I know what it LOOKS like you are doing, nah…..

    anyways…..you must be fixing to do EXACTLY what I did, give your camera a good washing in the creek.
    Note to self: never, ever, never chase snakes on moss covered rocks…bad for camera, bad for posterior!


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