Super Crop Challenge #1

ID quizzes and challenges seem to have become an increasingly popular subject for natural history blogs. I’ve done a few of my own, but my straight up ID challenges are starting to seem a little unimaginative compared to the DNA sequence, crypsis, mimicry, taxonomy fail, and other challenges being offered up by bug blogdom’s more creative types. To step it up a notch, I offer the first Super Crop Challenge. Small structures that we take for granted within a larger context often take on alien qualities when viewed in isolation. Can you identify this structure and the organism that possesses it?

Copyright © Ted C. MacRae 2010

8 thoughts on “Super Crop Challenge #1

  1. Sorry – somehow the “Allow Comments” box got unchecked.

    Anyway, a couple of solid answers. However, without revealing too much I’ll say that there are plenty of points up for grabs!

  2. Definitely a leiobunine. The coloration and texture looks wrong for a phalangiid, which are generally duller-coloured and leathery rather than crunchy. Maybe Leiobunum verrucosum, but I wouldn’t want to commit to that one.

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