Super Crop Challenge #3

There are lots of points up for grabs with this one, what with several body parts to name as well as the organism to which they belong needing to be identified.  Rules and points will be awarded roughly as outlined in the inaugural ID Challenge – i.e., points are not mutually exclusive, with comment moderation turned on while the challenge is open to allow all a chance to participate (no advantage to those with trigger fingers).  Points will be awarded for correct taxonomic identifications (order, family, genus, and species – 2 pts each) and for each body part correctly names (2 pts each).  Bonus points may be awarded at my discretion for .

We’ll give this a day or so, depending on how quickly the answers come in…

Copyright © Ted C. MacRae 2010

12 thoughts on “Super Crop Challenge #3

  1. Coleoptera, Lucanidae, Lucanus elaphus. I think there’s a pair of labial palps, the labrum, maxillary hairs and part of a foreleg.

  2. Order-Coleoptera
    Family -Lucanidae
    Genus and species-Lucanus elaphus (Supposed to be in italics, but I cannot get italics to work on this comment page.) Giant Stag Beetle

    I believe the structures are, and this is my best guess, the labrum, which is the pointed top structure. Since it is triangular, this helps identify the species. The smooth jointed structures on either side are the labial palps and the feathery yellow structures are the paraglossae.

    Thanks for the fun quiz! It got my brain working again after all the holiday brain drain.

    • Awesome – full points for the ID, and I’ll give you the bonus point for italicization. You also get points for the labrum (and a bonus point for mentioning this as a diagnostic character for species identification) and the labial palps, but the feathery structures are the maxillary galeae rather than paraglossae (the latter being part of the labium and, in beetles, generally fused with the glossae to form a structure called the ligula).

      Total = 14 pts.

  3. I’ve forgotten the genus for this elusive beast, the so-called “critic beetle”. Wasn’t the specific epithet longilabris or genaeshaliti or somesuch?


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