Virtual Mantle 2012

In recent years a truly delightful custom has developed among taxonomic entomologists—Photoshopped e-Christmas cards featuring their favorite insects! This should not be a surprising development—connectivity among scientists from around the world is at an all-time high, as is their access to digital cameras and imaging software. And, of course, what better subject for such cards could one ask for than insects (especially beetles, I might add)? It’s hard to resist anthropomorphizing them, with their buggy eyes and comical expressions, but their outright beauty makes them perfect also as pure ornaments. I did my first one last year (Santa Jaws), and for this year’s version I created Buprestis saintnicholasii. Following are the e-Christmas cards on my virtual mantle this year, received from beetle taxonomists as far and wide as Arizona, California, Oregon, Bulgaria, Germany and Romania!

I really enjoy getting these—if I’m not already on your e-Christmas card mailing list please consider adding me in 2013!


Chuck & Rose Bellamy – Sacramento, California


Mark Kalashian – Yerevan, Armenia


Hans Mühle – Munich, Germany


Adrian Ruicanescu – Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Bill Warner – Phoenix, Arizona


Bill Warner – Phoenix, Arizona


Rick & Kathy Westcott – Salem, Oregon


Victor Gashtarov – Sofia, Bulgaria

Copyright © Ted C. MacRae 2012

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