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Assassin bugs, ambush bugs, cone-nose bugs, thread-legged bugs. About 2,500 species worldwide, best represented in tropical regions. Predominantly predaceous on other arthropods; some species feed on vertebrate blood.

Lord of the flies!

I happened upon a rather interesting scene last week in a soybean field in northern Argentina (Chaco Province). This assassin bug (family Reduviidae) had captured and was feeding on an adult stink bug of the species Piezodorus guildinii—an important pest of soybean … Continue reading

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Assassin ate

I came upon this interesting scene last month while hiking through Allen David Broussard Catfish Creek Preserve State Park, which preserves some of the highest quality remnants of sand scrub habitat on the Lake Wales Ridge of central Florida. The … Continue reading

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Millipede assassin bug

I continue the hemipteran theme begun in the last post with this photograph I took in South Africa below the Waterberg Range in Northern (now Limpopo) Province. I recognized them as members of the family Reduviidae (assassin bugs), and since … Continue reading

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