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Revision of the Formicidae of North America

I recently came across this ant in the southeastern Missouri Ozarks sitting in a hole in the trunk of a standing dead black oak (Quercus velutinus) tree, apparently guarding the entrance to its nest. This big black ant is frequently … Continue reading

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Circus of the Spineless #47

When I started participating in blog carnivals last year, Circus of the Spineless was – for me – the pinnacle of blog carnivals.  I wanted to take my shot at hosting this venerable celebration of creepy crawlies, and even though the … Continue reading

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Sunday Matinée: Buzzed Creep Cockroaches

Credit goes to dreptungeek from Romania for finding this. In other news, the New Year has brought with it a plethora of natural history-focused blog carnivals, including several of my favorites: Circus of the Spineless #46 is up at Kate’s Adventures … Continue reading

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Creepy Crawly Spiders

Today’s post is another in a series of occasional guest essays by 10-year old Madison MacRae.  Madison is certainly the budding naturalist in our family, having accompanied me on recent collecting trips to the sand prairies of southeast Missouri and … Continue reading

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“This is a big horse!”

more about "“This is a big horse!”", posted with vodpod I don’t think I’ve seen a more egregious example of insect-ID-fail than this one! It may, in fact, be a moth 🙂 Copyright © Ted C. MacRae 2009

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Proof that I am out standing in my field

Okay, I know this was lame, but for those of you who were expecting to see the newest issue of Berry Go Round today, all I can say is sometimes life/work gets in the way. BGR #21 should be up … Continue reading

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The ubiquitous tiger beetle

Back in early June as I began my exploration of The Nature Conservancy’s Four Canyon Preserve in northwestern Oklahoma, one of the very first insect species that I encountered was Cicindela ubiquita¹ (the ubiquitous tiger beetle).  This ubiquitous species is restricted to … Continue reading

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