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Super Crop Challenge #13

What are these? Where did I find them? Who do they belong to? Full rules are here, and don’t forget to look for hints. Good luck! Copyright © Ted C. MacRae 2012

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Super Crop Challenge #12

It’s time for a new BitB Challenge Session, and to begin the 6th edition we start off with a Super Crop Challenge. This is a combination challenge, with points on tap for naming the organism (order, family, genus) and visible … Continue reading

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Two more winners

When I announced the winner of BitB Challenge Session #5, I had forgotten about a comment I made in a previous challenge that I was considering awarding prizes to the session’s 2nd and 3rd place finalists as well as the … Continue reading

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A Riot of Colors

For my friend Rich and I, Thanksgiving week marks the official beginning of the winter hiking season.  Fifteen years ago we began our quest to hike the entirety of the Ozark Trail, and with only ~50 of the 350 miles … Continue reading

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Super Crop Challenge #10

It’s gotten a little quiet around here lately, and since we haven’t done a Super Crop Challenge for awhile let’s see if this latest version will liven things back up. This challenge strays a bit from my normal scope, so I’m … Continue reading

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ID Challenge #13 results and Session #4 final standings

Points have been tallied for ID Challenge #13 and its addendum.  Congratulations to Mr. Phidippus, who’s 16 pts edged out Roy (14 pts) and Ben Coulter (13 pts) for the win in IDC13.  Ben Coulter, however, stayed comfortably atop the overall standings … Continue reading

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Super Crop Challenge #9

Can you name the structures in this photo (easy) and the critter they belong to (maybe not so easy)?  Because there are so many potential answers to those two questions, I’ll give 1 point for each correctly named structure (5 maximum) … Continue reading

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