A cicindelophilic wish list

  • Cicindelia obsoleta vulturina disjuncts bolting across lichen-covered sandstone balds.
  • Cicindela scutellaris yampae—red, white and blue in all its glory!
  • Big, bold, hugely white Cicindela formosa gibsoni bouncing across the sand.
  • Cicindela arenicola dancing across the St. Anthony dunes.
  • Hugely-mandibled male Cicindela waynei riding the backs of their lovers.
  • The almost pure white Cicindela albissima in its own tiny little corner of Utah.
  • Cicindela theatina, perhaps most colorful of the western sand dune species.

In a perfect world, I will make it to every one of these locations and encounter each and every species in the list. More realistically, it would be presumptuous to expect complete success on such a quickly planned, last minute trip—I’ll be happy to make it to at least some of these sites and find what I’m looking for. Beyond the above species there should also be the more reliable Cicindela lengi, C. tranquebarica, and the nominate forms of C. formosa and C. scutellaris—classic denizons of the west. When I get a chance to take a look in alkaline flats, perhaps I’ll also be able to add C. willistoni or C. parowana to the bounty list. When I can take specimens, I will (responsibly), and when I can’t I’ll hopefully take acceptable photos. Really though, this is mostly about getting out and seeing a huge swath of the country that I’ve never seen before during the most gorgeous time of year. I’ll see it my way—up close and personal and not just blasting by at 70 mph. Sometimes life just doesn’t get any better!

Copyright © Ted C. MacRae 2011

3 thoughts on “A cicindelophilic wish list

  1. Hi ted sounds like we both got the travel bug at the same time. Its been 6 mos since I’ve gone anywhere and just abt that long since I’ve spent a day outdoors. Enjoy ur trip and I will be looking for tiger beetles at caprock state park here in TX. And birds of course. 😉

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