These bugs rock!

These stones were given to me recently by a local insect enthusiast who is an admitted collector of all things natural history. According to him, the stones were among numerous items that he was allowed to “salvage” many decades earlier from the home of a similarly inclined individual from the previous generation. He has stored these and other items in his home ever since but now finds himself in the mood to distribute the items he has spent a lifetime collecting. Beyond this, I know nothing of the provenance of these stones or even if they represent something truly artifactual versus just the classroom efforts of a more contemporary school child. I’ll welcome any opinions that may be had, but even if none are received these stones will nicely decorate some little corner of my “museum”—hopefully for decades to come.




Copyright © Ted C. MacRae

3 thoughts on “These bugs rock!

  1. Hmm, more sophisticated than a school kid’s project, but I would be surprised if they are artifacts from previous culture. My guess is they are beach/river rocks decorated by some modern artist type with a whimsical flare within the past 30 years. I say that based on the smiley faces and the fact they don’t look like they have any real age on them. Kinda neat though. And I could be wrong.

    • My thoughts as well, especially regarding the smiley faces! The stones were “salvaged” in the 1960’s, so they are well over 50 years old. Still young from a cultural succession standpoint, but old enough within our own lifetime to be interesting.

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