Meet Enus

It may be quiet here at Beetles in the Bush for the next week or so while Ted is off in the far corners of Oklahoma looking for beetles to photograph and add to his collection. In the meantime, meet Enus (full name Enoclerus ichneumoneus), a checkered beetle who was beaten from a dead grapevine (Vitis sp.) in southeastern Missouri and who has promised Ted he will keep a close eye on things while Ted is away.

Enoclerus ichneumoneus | Stoddard Co., Missouri

Enoclerus ichneumoneus | Stoddard Co., Missouri

Beetles in Oklahoma had better watch out!

© Ted C. MacRae 2013

3 thoughts on “Meet Enus

  1. Dear Santa… I mean Ted, My wish list for Oklahoma:
    Cyclotrachelus heros
    Cyclotrachelus constrictus
    Cyclotrachelus substriatus
    Cyclotrachelus gravidus
    Cyclotrachelus torvus
    Loxandrus celer
    Piesmus submarginatus
    Pterostichus punctiventris
    Pterostichus subacutus
    Pterostichus ventralis

    Please look down. 😉

    • Ha, well too bad I’m already back. Sorry, but the beating was so good I didn’t spend any time searching for ground dwellers. Buprestid season comes and goes in a blink – you gotta hit ’em hard when you luck out on the timing.

      That said, on my next trip there (probably late June next season) I’ll be sure to pick up any ground beetles I see for you 🙂


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